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Camry Securities Limited has become known in the primary market as a foremost Stockbroker to Public Offerings.  Some of these issues include: 

  • N  4 Billion Standard Trust Bank Initial Public Offering (I.P.O).
  • N  10 Billion Kaduna State Revenue Bond
  • N  6 Billion Akwa Ibom State Revenue Bond
  • N  3.2 Billion Oceanic Bank Public Offering
  • N  25 Billion ACBs Public Offering
  • N   8.2 Billion Guardian Express Bank Public Offering
  • N  10 Billion NAL Bank Public Offering
  • N  6 Billion Manny Bank Public Offering

Intercontinental Bank, Equity Bank, Global Bank and Gateway Bank Plc Merger
First City Monument Bank Plc and Cooperative Development Bank Plc Merge

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